Toner AJI:

IMEX Group has released AJI, a monochrome toner for use in HP Pro M102, 104, 203, MFP132, 134, 227 and Ultra M106, 206, MFP134, 230

This toner utilizes IMEX’s surface treatment technology and is Polyester based to mimic the physical properties of chemically-produced toner as used by OEM in its respective applications.

Toner AJI has been designed to achieve outstanding performance in regards of stable image density and page yield with low background and better transfer efficiency under all climatic conditions coupled with excellent fusing on heavier papers and labels.

Our toner AJI utilizes a low VOC Polyester resin base, works very well with a variety of components and ensures trouble free performance to the highest quality level.

Samples of this toner are available upon request.

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